My Own True Family MCQ. Madhyamik English MCQ

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My Own True Family

(i) The poet crept in a-

(a) segun wood

(b) oak wood

(c) wood

(d) none of the above


(ii) He was looking for a-

(a) tiger

(b) dear dog

(c) male deer

(d) stage


(iii) He met a/an-

(a) an old man

(b) an old woman

(d) a handsome boy

(c) a young lady


(iv) The word knobbly means-

(a) unclear

(b) very weak

(c) unsteady

(d). knock


(v) She was dressed in-

(a) white sari

(b) ragged clothes

(c) dirty dress

(d) evening dress


(vi) She kept the secret of the poet-

(a) in her little bag

(b) in her mind

(c) in her big box

(d) inside her bag


(vii) The poet awake-

(a) once

(b) two times

(c) three times

(d) four times


(viii) He was encircled by-

(a) tribe

(b) a group of man

(c) a woman

(d) comuinals


(ix) He was tied to a-

(a) stake

(b) timber

(c) stock

(d) stick


(x) The poet has to swear to plant–

(a) two trees

(b) three trees

(c) four trees

(d) as much as he can


(xi) When the oak trees are chopped down the poet does not-

(a) wink his eyes

(b) weep

(c) smile

(d) laugh


(xii) If the poet fails to swear the black oak bark will-

(a) smile

(b) die

(c) wrinkle

(d) eat


(xiii) The black oak trees will root the poet among the-

(a) stags

(b) plants

(c) oaks

(d) people


(xiv) The poet was altered by-

(a) his conscience

(b) dream beneath the tree

(c) education

(d) self learning


(xv) From the oak-wood the poet went back to-

(a) human world

(b) company of wild creature

(c) animal world

(d) animated world


(xvi) The poet’s heart was transformed into-

(a) a hero

(b) a serious man

(c) a tree

(d) a deer


(xvii) As the woman began to cackle the poet began to-

(a) snif

(b) shout

(c) quake

(d) snore


(xviii) ‘Staring tribe’ refers to-

(a) primitive people

(b) homeless people

(c) local inhabitants

(d) oak-trees

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