Higher secondary English Suggestion 2021

Higher secondary English Suggestion 2021 – উচ্চমাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন (part-1)

The Eyes Have It-Ruskin Bond

Multiple Choice Questions : Marks-1

1. The narrator of The Eyes Have It’ was travelling alone upto the station of-
a) Saharanpur
b) Rohana
c) Mussoorie
d) Dehra

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) Rohana[/su_spoiler]

2. The girl’s parents seems very anxious about her-
a) health
b) eyes
c) comfort
d) journey

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) comfort[/su_spoiler]

3. What is the narrator’s very first clue about his fellow traveller in the train-
a) He knows that she wears slippers, from the way they slap against her heels.
b) He knows that she has light eyes and golden hair.
c) He knows that she has a radiant smile.
d) He knows that she wears glasses

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) He knows that she wears slippers, from the way they slap against her heels.[/su_spoiler]

4. The narrator liked-
a) the sound of the girl’s voice
b) the sound of her slippers
c) both ‘a’ and ‘b’
d) her eyes only

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) both ‘a’ and ‘b'[/su_spoiler]

5. The girl was startled when the narrator first spokes to her because –
a) she did not see him at first
b) he was sitting in a dark corner
c) she was not used to being spoken to in that manner
d) she did not know that there was another person in that compartment

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) she did not know that there was another person in that compartment[/su_spoiler]

6. The narrator in. The Eyes Have It’
wanted to conceal from the girl-
a) that he was deaf
b) taht he was dumb
c) that he was blind
d) that he was shy

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) that he was blind[/su_spoiler]

7. The narrator attempted to strike up a conversation with the girl by asking her-
a) about the weather outside
b) about her aunts
c) about the landscape outside the window
d) whether she was going

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) whether she was going[/su_spoiler]

8. The blind girl said that she would get off at-
a) Nainital
b) Mussoorie
c) Dehra
d) Saharanpur

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) Saharanpur[/su_spoiler]

9. How does the narrator attempt to strike up a conversation with the girl?
a) where she is going
b) what she does for a living
c) he tells her about his childhood
d) he talks about the weather outside

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) where she is going[/su_spoiler]

10. What further arouses his curiosity about her?
a) Her voice
b) Her good looks
c) Her perfume
d) Her sense of humor

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) Her voice[/su_spoiler]

11. From Dehra, Ruskin Bond was going-
a) to Mussoorie
b) to Rohana
c) to a hill station
d) to Saharanpur

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) to Mussoorie[/su_spoiler]

12. According to Ruskin Bond, the best time for visiting the hills is-
a) September
b) October
c) November
d) December

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) October[/su_spoiler]

13. In October the hills are covered with-
a) Moss
b) Pine trees
c) Wild dahlias
d) Sunflowers

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) Wild dahlias[/su_spoiler]

14. “Then I made a mistake.” The mistake the narrator made was-
a) to ask a wrong question
b) to behave rudely with the girl
c) to let slip the fact that he could not see
d) to crack a joke

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) to ask a wrong question[/su_spoiler]

15. October is a beautiful month in-
a) Mussoorie
b) The hills
c) Dehra
d) Saharanpur

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) Mussoorie[/su_spoiler]

16. “Have you noticed.” I ventured. The narrator ventured to say-
a) that the trees were running backward
b) that he loved the girl
c) that the animals were gazing in the distance
d) that the telegraph posts were running backward

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) that the trees were running backward[/su_spoiler]

17. “Had she noticed already that I could not see?”
This statement expressed the narrator’s-
a) fear
b) tension
c) surprise
d) doubt

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) doubt[/su_spoiler]

18. According to the blind narrator-
a) few girls can resist flattery
b) all girls like flattery
c) all girls can resist flattery
d) no girls like flattery

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) few girls can resist flattery[/su_spoiler]

19. “You have an interesting face” According to the speaker the remark was-
a) safe
b) daring
c) caustic
d) rude

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) safe[/su_spoiler]

20. “The comment that she has a pretty face makes the girl-
a) delighted
b) morose
c) tired
d) proud

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) tired[/su_spoiler]

21. The voice of the girl has the sparkle of-
a) a mountain stream
b) a star
c) glitter
d) fire works

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]a) a mountain stream[/su_spoiler]

22. The narrator was prepared to listen to the girl’s
´talking for-
a) one hour
b) nothing
c) two hours
d) almost any length of time

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) almost any length of time[/su_spoiler]

23. The narrator wondered it the girl’s hair was-
a) curled
b) black
c) long
d) cut short

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) cut short[/su_spoiler]

24. What tantalised the narrator was the-
a) clear ringing laugh of the girl
b) sweet talk of the girl
c) the perfume the girl’s hair
d) plaited hair of the girl

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) the perfume the girl’s hair[/su_spoiler]

25. The game that the narrator played with his fellow travellers was to —
a) pretended that he could see
b) when not to lean out of the windows Or, how to avoid speaking to strangers
c) all of the above
d) make sure that they did not realise that he could not see

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) make sure that they did not realise that he could not see[/su_spoiler]

26. While on board, the co-passenger of the narrator
a) a man
b) a girl
d) a blind girl
c) a blind man

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]d) a blind girl[/su_spoiler]

27. A man who got into the compartment at Saharanpur spoke-
a) softly
b) apologetically
c) rudely
d) distinctly

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) apologetically[/su_spoiler]

28. The new fellow traveller’s remark took the narrator by surprise because-
a) he did not notice the girl’s hair
b) there was no girl at all
c) he had seen a boy instead
d) the girl had no sense of humor

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) there was no girl at all[/su_spoiler]

29. The new passenger described the girl’s eyes are-
a) big and beautiful
b) beautiful and blind
c) blind and small
d) small and beautiful

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) beautiful and blind[/su_spoiler]

30. The girl had beautiful eyes but they were of no use because-
a) she was deaf
d) her complexion was dark
c) she was totally blind
b) she could see a little

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]c) she was totally blind[/su_spoiler]

31. The word ‘reverie’ means
a) memory
b) a day dream
c) imagination
d) a folktale

[su_spoiler title=”ANSWER” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]b) a day dream[/su_spoiler]

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