Father’s Help MCQ. Madhyamik English MCQ Suggestion.

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Father’s Help MCQ

(i) Swami ought to have been in the school prayer hall at-

(a) 9.30 am

(b) 9.30 pm

(c) 10 pm

(d) 8.30 am


(ii) Swami was lying on a bench in the-

(a) bed room

(b) kitchen

(c) drawing room

(d) living room


(iii) Swami thought a moment ago it was-

(a) Sunday

(b) Friday

(c) Saturday

(d) Tuesday


(iv) “I have a headache” Swami wailed at-

(a) 8 o’clock

(b) 9 o’clock

(c) 10 o’clock

(d) 11 o’clock


(v) His mother considered his problem-

(a) strictly

(b) indifferently (অনিচ্ছাপূর্বক)

(C) generously (উদার) 

(d) indigently (অভাব)


(vi) The word, “loaf” means-

(a) to pay

(b) to give something

(c) to move about in an idle manner

(d) to catch fish


(vii) Father advised Swami to loaf about less on-

(a) Monday

(b) Sunday

(c) Saturday

(d) Tuesday


(viii) Swami told his father he was afraid of-

(a) the Headmaster

(b) a particular teacher

(c) Samuel

(d) being late to Samuel’s class


(ix) The headmaster is afraid of –

(a) Samuel

(b) Swami’s father

(c) Students

(d) MathSamuel


(x) Swami knew his father could be

(a) normal

(b) intimidated (ভীত)

(c) genial (সদয়)

(d) strict



(i) Father’s behaviour took an-

(a) unexperienced turn

(b) unreasonable turn

(c) unsuccessful turn

(d) unexpected turn


(ii) Swami’s father proposed to send-

(a) telegram

(b) greetings card

(c) objective letter

(d) certificate


(iii) The letter was sent to-

(a) Samuel

(b) Swami’s father

(c) Peon

(d) Headmaster


(iv) The word ‘apprehensively’ means in a manner which expresses-

(a) joy

(b) happy

(c) agony

(d) worry


(v) Swami felt that he was the-

(a) best boy

(b) worst boy

(d) serious boy

(c) talented boy


(vi) Swami was bothered by-

(a) his conscience

(b) Samuel’s behaviour

(c) his father attitude

(d) his style


(vii) Swami stopped to think about Samuel on the-

(a) entrance to his class

(b) roadside

(c) beside the river

(d) seashore


(viii) Personally Swami was a-

(a) good man

(b) tall man

(c) handsome man

(d) bad man


(ix) Swami had special-

(a) hatred

(b) To Swami love

(c) affection

(d) regard


(x) The word ‘dizzy’ means-

(a) imbalance

(b) undecided state of mind

(c) both of them

(d) none of them


(xi) The word ‘allegation’ means-

(a) decision

(b) occasion

(c) imitation

(d) complaint


(xii) Samual had a-

(a) dark face

(b) fair face

(c) dull face

(d) white face


(xiii) The colour of Samuel’s coat was-

(a) black

(b) white

(c) brown

(d) yellow



(i) Samuel was teaching-

(a) Geography

(b) Science

(c) Math

(d) None of the above


(ii) According to Samuel Swami was late for-

(a) half a minute

(b) half a year

(c) 10 minutes

(d) 30 minutes


(iii) Samuel was inspècting-

(a) Student’s bag

(b) Student’s home lesson

(c) Student’s hair

(d) Swami’s homé work


(iv) The school hour would end at –

(a) 4.30 am

(b) 4.30 pm

(c) at end of the day

(d) at the end of all classes


(v) The Headmaster had gone on a leave for-

(a) a week

(b) two week s

(c) three weeks

(d) half a week


(vi) The headmaster was on a leave for one-

(a) day

(b) month

(c) year

(d) week


(vii) To Swami’s thinking, Samuel used to get most angry when he inspected-

(a) home lessons

(b) class work

(c) project work

(d) examination copies


(viii) Swami decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster-

(a) at the beginning of the day 

(b) during the arithmetic class

(c) at the end of the day

(d) during tiffin break


(ix) The school bell rang for the last period at-

(a) 3:00 pm

(b) 3:30 pm

(c) 4:00 pm

(d) 4:30 pm


(x) If Samuel scolded Swami again, he should-

(a) report him immediately

(b) not go to school

(c) leave the school for ever

(d) not come to his father


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