Fable MCQ. Madhyamik English MCQ Suggestion

Fable MCQ

(i) ‘The former called the lätter ‘Little prig’. Here “Latter” is referred to-

(a) squirrel

(b) Mountain

(c) both

(d) weather


(ii) Who is referred to as the ‘Bun’-

(a) the mountain

(b) squirrel

(c) both

(d) none


(iii). All sorts of things are taken to make up a-

(a) month

(b) year

(c) day

(d) none of the above


(iv) A squirrel track is made by-

(a) nature

(b) mountain

(c) squirrel itself

(d) supervisions


(v) Like a squirrel the Mountain can not crack a-

(a) nut

(b) joke

(c) stone

(d) – fruit


(vi) It is not disgrace to the squirrel to-

(a) occupy his own place

(b) be insulted by the mountain

(c) make make pretty track

(d) to be called as bun


(vii) The word ‘Spry’ means-

(a) energetic

(b) bored

(c) life less

(d) enthusiastic


(viii) What is wisely put-

(a) talents

(b) money

(c) forest

(d) nut


(ix) The word ‘disgrace’ means-

(a) honour

(b) insult

(c) cheerful

(d) irritate 


(x) According to the squirrel the mountain is undoubtedly very-

(a) big

(b) small

(d) noble

(c) kind


(xi) “All is well and wisely put”-the things referred to here as-

(a) squirrel

(b) various talents

(c) the mountain

(d) year